The Importance Of Content For Digital Marketing


When content is attractive, fresh, and useful, users are expected to contribute to its virtualization through social media. Getting an article to get good social exposure by being repeatedly posted is much more beneficial than embarking on a link purchase campaign, the result of which can be diametrically opposite to the desired one.

However, the writing of web content in digital agency Thailand deserves certain special considerations regarding its format, and its optimization, to improve its relevance concerning the chosen keywords and its findability by users.

  • Text length: The recommended length for successful web content is no more than 700/1000 words. In case you need to extend, the most convenient thing is to compose two articles separately.
  • Format: Proper formatting will not only improve readers’ intelligibility but will provide Google with valuable material to decode content, rank it, and make it appear in related searches. For this purpose, it will be necessary to use specific textual markers, to which Google attaches paramount importance: Hx, bold, italics, and bullets.
  • Authority: An excellent way to give authority to our content is with abundant references to sites that validate in some way what we are trying to say. The authority links will not be considered as spam by Google but will contribute to ranking our texts.
  • Structure: The classic inverted pyramid format is usually best suited for web content. Thus, it is expected to find in the first paragraph, a kind of synthesis of what we are going to write. In the following paragraphs, we will develop, in an orderly manner, the ideas of the content, reserving the final paragraph for a kind of closure or conclusion.
  • Social impact: It is always convenient to offer the possibility for users to add their comments, as well as it would be desirable to provide them with the access buttons to the most common social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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