7 Mask Ornaments To Remember What You Went Through During the Pandemic


In today’s COVID-riddled world — with health concerns aggravating problems that already exist before the pandemic — it’s unsurprising how you can feel more stressed out. However, you are not alone. The past year has been nothing but an emotional roller coaster ride for everyone. But having a remembrance like a 2020 mask ornament can give a certain sense of consolation. It’s a reminder of what you went through and an accessible, tangible symbol of hope.

Don’t have an ornament like that yet? Here are seven mask ornaments you should definitely check out.

Coronavirus Mask Ornament. A popular 2020 mask ornament, this item is simple yet significant. It’s a blue mask that bears the phrase, “Always with me,” and can be personalized with the name of the recipient. While the mask is a commodity that will forever be associated with the difficult requirements we have to endure while in a pandemic, this ornament can be viewed as an emblem of resilience.

Coronavirus Couple Ornament with Masks. Looking for the perfect gift for couples who are quarantined together? This item featuring a couple wearing masks makes for a unique and apt holiday present. The couple is also further kept safe by having them wear a pair of gloves. To further exude warmth, this ornament also has a pet figure and a virus-shaped design with the sentence “We survived!”

Couple with Christmas Tree and Gifts Ornament. The holidays won’t be complete with seeing a Christmas tree topped off with a symbolic star. While this ornament features just that, it also presents two masked individuals sitting beside their Christmas presents. Though they are masked, gratitude can still be seen on their faces. This ornament is made more purposeful by the phrase “Christmas blessings” written on the bottom part.

Family in Doorway Ornament. A great gift for neighbors and loved ones, this 2020 mask ornament portrays masked family members standing and playing around their doorway. Complete with holiday staples such as wreaths and Santa hats, this piece gives out a warm, welcoming vibe.

Christmas Ethnic Family Ornament. Available in designs that feature three, four, five, and six family members and a pet, this ethnic family ornament is affectingly inclusive. With the family members standing under an inviting holiday wreath, this ornament serves as a nice remembrance of a time when loved ones became more bonded; of a time when collective resilience is needed to cope with the challenges brought forth by the pandemic.

Coronavirus Super Doctor Ornament. Frontliners such as doctors are first-hand witnesses of how devastating the COVID-19 pandemic has been. A nod to their gallantry, this ornament depicts doctors as a superhero — complete with a cape and a Superman-inspired shield in the side. Instead of the letter S, however, the emblem features a bright red heart. This ornament also has a Super Nurse version.

Almost Back to Normal Ornament. Available in male and female versions, this resin-made ornament exudes hope. In this item, the masked individual puts his/her hands to the chest and wears a red top, which can be seen as a symbolism of strength and determination. It also has a virus-shaped feature at the bottom, which bears the phrase, “Almost back to normal.”

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