8 Custom Wall Canvas To Spruce Up Your Living Room

Home Improvement

Have you ever stared into your living room’s wall and felt like it’s just too empty? Putting up a custom wall canvas can immediately add life to that plain interior surface. Because it’s customizable, it’s also one of those personalized gifts that anyone can appreciate.

When buying wall art for your home, their size, color, and material matter. But apart from these technical details, the emotion you want to evoke and the personality you want to emulate should, more importantly, be taken into account.

To help you decide, here are eight custom wall art canvas pieces that can further enliven your living room.

Our family custom canvas. Family-themed wall art pieces are in-demand personalized gifts for a reason. They’re simple yet they serve as a delightful addition to just about any space in your home — including your living room. This 8″ x 20″ piece prominently displays your family name on a rustic background. Superimposed are your first names in white script.

Rustic family custom canvas. This piece lets you proudly display your family name in the living room in an elegant way. Affixed on one-inch stretch bars, this panoramic canvas also features a subtle, neutral print behind your family name for a luxurious, rustic appeal.

Family name floral wall canvas. Is your living room home to plants that help provide fresh air into your indoor space? This wall art is the perfect complement to these greens! It features a white background and leaf design surrounding your family name. It’s available in three sizes: 12″ x 12″, 16″ x 16″, and 20″ x 20″.

Family street sign custom canvas. If you’re going for a more modern, city vibe, this custom canvas will suit your taste. Available in two sizes (12″ x 16″ and 16″ x 20″), this transforms your family name into a street name. It’s neutral in color, which can easily fit into your contemporary or industrial-themed living space.

Custom wall canvas with picture. Picutres do paint a thousand words. One of the most popular personalized gifts out there, this photo wall art lets you capture the emotion that you want to thrive in your living room. The image can be anything — it can be a serene landscape photo or a vibrant family pitcture you’ve taken during an unforgettable trip.

Love! Personalized wall canvas with picture. Similar to the item above, this lets you memorialize and tastefully display a treasured photo. But with the inclusion of the word “love” (written in white script), it’s specifically more fitting for your photos with your partner. It’s a perfect piece to commemorate your favorite wedding and anniversary pictures.

Apple of my eye family wall canvas. This wall art gives a unique spin to the family tree. It features a brown tree with blue-gray apples on a white background. The apples can be customized with the names of each member of the household. Underneath the tree, there’s enough space to feature your family name.

Alphabet custom canvas for kids. Many families use their living rooms to display their affection for their kids. This adorable and educational alphabet canvas can serve as a great addition to your kids’ corner in your living room.

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