Demystifying the Ayahuasca Spiritual experiences


Ayahusca which is a forest vine drink found in the Amazon rain forests has been known to be used as spiritual healing purposes by these tribes. It is known by a number of names such as ayahuasca, yage and iowasca.  The ingredients are mainly the banisteriopsis caapi and the psychotria viridis along with many other plant components like the San Pedro cactus. Until recently, people used to travel to the Peru retreats to take this healing brew. It has come into the medical mainstream as it apparently possesses cures and antidotes for many modern ailments, both physical as well as emotional. The shamans guide the ceremony to make the participants discover their inner selves and connect with the other world.

More details

Many people wish to get rid of past traumas or unlock their hidden selves. The DMT present in this plant drink creates hallucinogenic effects which create a trance like effect on people and let them connect with their dormant selves. A lot of studies and reports have shown the positive effects of ayahausca on such long-suppressed issues as depression, trauma, anxiety and it is also reported to aid in the enhancement of neural cell. The mysterious marvel of ayahuasca has held a lure for many who flock to the Peru retreats for self cure and a high life condition.  The philosophers have all made persuasive arguments that there is nothing like a ‘’fixed self’’ as we all tend to change with time and circumstances. No one remains constant in their life cycle so the concept of a constant inner self is not really fathomable and the plant healing juice brings out our latent fears and worries, to elevate ourselves with nature. Accepting our darkest secrets and inner flaws is not always easy to many of us live in denial. This yage brew helps us to relate to ourselves better by letting us connect with our better selves through communication with nature. So, there are many noteworthy authors and researches all of whom have shed a lot of light on ayahausca. If you wish to solve the mystery of ayahausca, you can read the write ups  by Sean Illing. He is a well known author prior to which he was an university professor and an ex US air force officer.

 Conclusive summary

As aforementioned, the mysterious charm and healing prowess of this magical ayahausca brew continues to draw people from all over the world for the search of the greater truth in self. The ayahuasca demystified explains a lot about its preparation procedures and intake. The Peruvian retreats are the best places as the Shipibo tribes have centuries of knowledge and trained shamans to conduct the ceremony.