Different variants of an AR-10 rifle for superior precision and range


AR-10 is considered the civilian version of the military M-16 model, which is extremely popular in the USA. This Armalite pistol comes with .308 or 7.62 caliber ammo that has the fullest power. This gun is quite heavy and has a long barrel. If you are looking for an effective range, this rifle will be pretty impressive in this regard.

Moreover, this rifle is also equipped with a direct impingement gas system and a rotating bolt design. It shoots larger rounds of fire.

Why should you go for this rifle?

Being heavier and larger, this rifle is specifically effective and useful for hunting purposes. This weapon can easily kill different kinds of large and wild animals in the jungle. So many hunters prefer to use this rifle while hunting in America. Therefore, if you are looking forward to hunting big games, this rifle should be your first choice.

Different variants of this rifle

Below are some of the variants of this rifle described. You can decide to choose any of these types according to your need and demand. Each of these variants may come with slightly different features and specifications.

  1. Grey Host .308 Rifle-M-Lok

This rifle model is ideal for keeping firing during unfavorable situations like hunting in the wilderness. It comes with a collapsible stock and a shorter than an average barrel that makes it quite easier to transport. This rifle is also known to have great accuracy. This model normally does not come with a scope, but you can buy it separately from the market and attach it to the gun.


  • Great arms adjustable gas block
  • Amazingly accurate
  • Palmetto State Armory Gen3

This affordable rifle has all the quality features and specifications that make it stand out among the crowd. It has an adjustable gas block that reduces significant recoil, which comes with its powerful .308 rounds. In case you want to save some money, then you have the option of ordering complete lower and upper portions of this rifle from the Palmetto State Armory.


  • The lower portion has relief cuts for better compatibility with its 308 rounds.
  • Proper carbine length buffer tube along with heavy, short buffer
  • 5 position adjustable switch gas block
  • Daniel Defense DD5V2

This rifle is considerably lightweight than its other counterpart variants available out there. Weighing at around 8 pounds, this rifle is quite lightweight. Safety is an important aspect that comes with this model. This has an oversized trigger guard that generally prevents any accidental discharge.


  • Lightweight
  • Modular charging handles

Moreover, this also comes with a two-stage trigger. Just brushing over this trigger won’t make the fire. You need to put some level of the intent behind it to make it fire. Apart from being quite safer, this rifle is also known to be very accurate. Once you get this model, you will surely like all its features and specifications that you are less likely to find in other similar rifle models.