Finding the Right 1911 Holster OWB


There really is no other gun that can compare to the legend of the 1911 in America. The Colt 1911 is a single action, semi-automatic pistol that was used through two World Wars. Any and every American collector would house at least one 1911 to make their collection complete. The 1911was designed to use the short recoil principle which soon became an operating system that was widely copied. This gun belongs to America’s hall of fame and demands a great holster to be carried with.

The 1911 comes in variants of 3 to 6 inch barrels. The 1911 can also be custom made for safety. You will find that the 1911 is popularly used in competitive shooting events.  It is also used as a common choice for everyday carry. Compact variants of the 1911 are very conducive even Concealed Carry. For these uses, a 1911 holster OWB is the best choice. A 1911 holster OWB refers to an Over the Waistband holster that can be both compact for Concealed Carry and accessible for competitive use. Most 1911 OWB holsters are made to fit close to the body that fits most carry situations.

Variations of 1911 OWB holsters to consider

Type of material: You can find a 1911 OWB holster in nylon, leather or polymer-based kyder. While each material has its specific use according to your purpose of gun use, you can get hybrid versions such as a leather holster with a plastic lining inside that can retain the shape of the holster even after drawing the gun.

Retention devices: A retention device is simply a feature of the OWB holster to keep the gun secured in your holster.  You can choose the level of retention you need and find variants accordingly. An active retention has a feature like a thumb-break or a trigger guard lock to protect it. A passive retention refers to a holster whose design itself keeps the gun in place without the need for a retention device.

Pattern: These come in pancake, paddle or belt slide. A pancake holster is two pieces of material joined together to hold the gun. A paddle holster comes with a clip that can be attached to the belt. The belt slide allows you to slide a belt through the holster.

Carry positions and Cant: A 1911 holster OWB can be designed for more than one carry position. It can be carried on your strong side, depending on whether you are right or left handed; as a cross-draw or on the small-of-the back, behind you. You might also want to consider the ‘cant’ or the angle at which you want the holster to get the best draw.

While you consider a 1911 holster OWB that best suit your requirements and is befitting of this iconic gun, do remember to also keep in mind a strong gun belt that can support your holster and provides you comfort. Remember, your 1911 holster OWB needs to meet both yours and your guns specifications.