Four Ways To Keep Your Frenchie Dog Happy In Summers


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A Frenchie is miserable in summers due to it’s one layered coat. It is in dire need of some extra layers and some care and affection. French bulldog owners know what their adorable friend has to go through in extreme weather. It is very important to take some measures to make them feel comfortable.


The very first step that a Frenchie dog owner needs to take is to provide lots of water to its furry friends. Frenchies get dehydrated in summer and need water to keep them hydrated. You need to keep a special eye on their water bowl as it runs out of the water pretty soon. Keep refilling the water bowl at regular intervals to prevent your dog from spending hours without water in the summer season.

Regular bath

Secondly, since their body needs to be kept hydrated, it is advised to get hold of a mini pool for your Frenchie. A cheap plastic pool that is used for kids is also a good option. They like to splash water and they’ll love the pool. Not only will the pool help your dog to keep it’s body hydrated and it’s body temperature in control but will also provide some playtime to your dog. But, you should be careful with the pool as Frenchies are not good swimmers.

Swimming vest

Their flat face and small paws do not allow them to swim but will instead sink them. If you don’t have a mini pool and plan to take them to swimming pools instead, get hold of a swimming vest from Frenchie store. The vest comes with a handle that allows you to manually control your Frenchie’s movements in the pool.

Frozen treats!

Frenchie dog loves frozen treats in summer just like we love ice creams in summer. Getting a frozen treat for your furry friend is no big deal as almost all pet shops sell these. But, if you want to be creative and get your dog a frozen treat that is made by you, you can easily get a DIA frozen treat. Frozen cucumbers are a great option as it takes no preparations and has a lot of water content. You can also make popsicles and dog ice creams. They’ll surely love the treat.

A wet cloth around the neck

It is a well-known fact that the neck of your Frenchie is what helps in regulating body temperature. A wet bandana around the neck might work wonders.