Hints On Casual Dressing For Men


Doesn’t it matter which clothes you wear in your free time? Basically, of course, it is up to everyone what he does and does in his spare time, what he attracts – and what not. You should feel comfortable in your clothes, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care how you look in them. Behavior experts advocate more style in leisure fashion in this article  and give specific tips.

Don’t Do Everything Just Because You Can

You don’t have to do everything you can. The gentleman and the woman of the world will never afford to wear anything in their free time. For example, they will wear sneakers for gymnastics and not for shopping. In leisure time, casual moccasins, elegant sneakers or (penny) loafers are suitable as footwear.

The following applies to the feet in leisure time: either knee-high stockings without stockings or with stockings that actually only wear the foot, so that it appears as if the men’s foot is bare in the shoe. If you are not playing tennis, white socks and stockings in sandals are not recommended, just like an create aprons ( รับทำผ้ากันเปื้อน, which is the term in Thai).

The gentleman doesn’t like shorts, just as little as army trousers or jogging suits.  Some of us think those who wear sweatpants have lost control of their lives. Well-fitting jeans, chinos, corduroy and cotton trousers (possibly striped or checkered) are suitable as leisure trousers for the gentleman, and sporty (polo) shirts and jackets can be combined with them.

Combine Casual Clothing In Style

By the way, you should always make sure that you combine the pieces in a harmonious way with your pants, shirt and jacket. Especially when it comes to the combination of pants and jacket, it is important that both parts fit together, but are in no way too similar.