How to Beat Lags and Computer SnellerMaken


After a certain period of time, PCs and laptops become so slow; it is unbearable. Does that mean it is time for another expensive purchase? Not anymore! XtraPC is a great tool that makes computers function faster. Available in a separate flash drive, the XtraPC software launches a Linux OS. Attach the flash drive to the laptop to set up a new Linux OS. This new OS completely bypasses the original OS of the computer. Users can carry out essential actions such as saving files, editing files, sending emails, etc. without the lags that they previously had to face.

Overall Boost for the Computer

XtraPC makes computer sneller maken because Linux is an extremely light and swift OS. Users will notice massive improvements from the second the USB stick is attached to the PC. The software also offers additional storage space. The media players and other apps function smoothly. Since there are no changes to the hard drive, users can still access their old files. There’s no need to spend on computer recovery services. No data is lost. Simply the OS is changed. Users will need to get used to the Linux interface, which is pretty basic and straightforward.

Boost Privacy 

Apart from fixing slow computers, XtraPC also offers security and privacy measures. Since users will get a brand-new operating system (which is on the USB stick), they don’t leave any trace of their old OS on the internet. There’s no risk of viruses or hackers. Access sensitive information with ease and total security, irrespective of how and where the software is used. The only concern is that some advanced apps, such as Photoshop, are not available on Linux. Linux is extremely safe and easy to use, but it has its limitations. Overall, the encrypted connection that XtraPC provides is worth the investment.

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