Khaidi is one of the Best Movies of the Last 1 Year by Rank



Sensational Hero Karthi’sKhaidi created a sensation, as the movie remained as one of the best movies of the last 2 years by its rank in Telugu movies. The storyline, screenplay, direction and performance of the hero are the main highlights in the film. The movie nearer to one year, as it was released in October 2019, but, still trending in OTT platform movies on Aha. Khaidi also got a special place among the Telugu movies with its content and Karthi’s performance.  Let’s know the details about the movie before browsing it at movies on aha.


Police seize drugs worth nearly Rs 800 crore. They are stored in the SP office. Enters a gang to seize the goods. A police officer tries to stop the gang. The officer will have to take the help of Delhi (Karti) in unforeseen circumstances. Delhi, a prisoner who was sentenced to life imprisonment and released from jail. He hopes to see his daughter. But he decides to help the police officer for his promise. How many problems will Delhi have to face due to that decision? You have to see Khaidi to know that by browsing at movies on Aha.


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Artistes’ Performances:

Karthi’s performance seems most natural. Karthi wondered if the released prisoner would think the same way. From the dining scene to the scene where he puts ear piercings on his daughter and hides and wonders if they will get to the daughter.. Everywhere he goes. Everyone is new except Karthi. They have all been told by the director and performed wonderfully.


This is a director’s film. The rest of the sections implemented the director’s idea perfectly. The camera work and the background music are all well done. This is a story that happens one night. That night also became a part of this story.

This is a story that takes place over a period of four hours. You can understand how fast the screenplay played out of it.

The director succeeds in arousing interest from the very first scene. 800 crores worth of goods, it was unloaded, the heights set by the villain gang to retrieve it, the party at the SP bungalow, the introduction of the hero there all of these are going on speedily.


It is not just a movie that showcases heroic courage. The story also shows the sacrifices of a group of friends who are in trouble, a constable who has just returned to duty, an undercover cop, and a police officer who dies in the process.  The movie itself is highlight.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Karthi, Naren, Deena, Mariam George and others

Screenplay & Direction: Lokesh Nagaraj

Music: Sam CS


Producers: Dream Warrior Pictures, Sri Satya Sai Arts


If you are a movie lover, you missed Khaidi, it’s your bad luck.  But Aha movies brought Khaidi on its exclusive Telugu OTT platform.  So, watch it and enjoy.

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