Male shoe models for rainy weather


Of course, the most popular model of men’s shoes for rainy weather is boots. They can be made in both classic and bright style. Boots, made of PVC or rubber, will become indispensable assistants during passing through deep puddles and walking on wet asphalt. For men, designers offer models with massive soles and almost no decorative ornaments.

If you do not want to show off, then we specially offer galoshes for you. These products come in handy in rainy weather. They are good because they are worn directly on the shoes themselves and serve as their protection against moisture. They fit the foot well and will repeat the shape of your shoes. In addition, reaching your destination, you can take off galoshes and continue driving in dry shoes.

A good option for rain shoes is Doc Martens. It is equipped with a grooved sole with a special tread and orthopaedic insoles. Doc Martens are made of thick high-strength leather. Their distinguishing mark is an invariable yellow line and double seams. Such shoes are perfect for those, who do not like to change their plans because of the sudden rain.

Another type of rubber shoe for men is duck boots. They combine two types of shoes: rubber boots and leather shoes. The products have a rubber sole. Previously, these shoes were worn exclusively by fishermen and hunters, but today designers offer them to all the fashionists who want to look good and not get their feet wet.

Top-siders are yachtsmen’s shoes in Manhattan equipped with a rubber sole and designed for walking on a wet deck. Due to its interesting appearance, these shoes migrated from lovers of sea adventures to fashionists who love walking in the rain. They will go well with both jeans and classic pants.

In addition, there are special water-repellent sprays and impregnations, the use of which should not be neglected if you want to extend the life of your shoes and prevent getting wet.

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