Park Dates are Where it’s at for Online Romances


Pre-Covid, it was the norm to meet a potential romantic partner for the first time in a restaurant or bar, maybe a coffee shop if you weren’t too sure about them and might want a fast getaway.

Since Covid hit and people have needed more space – literally, the park has become the destination of choice for many online daters.

How does a park date work though? It’s a completely different vibe than a bar or restaurant and many users of apps like Match are loving it!

Firstly, alcohol is removed from the equation. Without alcohol there’s less risk and a chance of a more genuine connection.

Secondly, you’re in the great outdoors, surrounded by trees and flowers, happy dogs and the beauty of nature – surely a good recipe for positive feelings right?

Here are some tips to ensure your park date goes well!

·         Choose a park you know well and choose to meet in the middle of the day. You don’t want to get stuck with a stranger in a rapidly darkening park!

·         Stay on the beaten path; it’s not a good idea to wander into heavily wooded areas with a stranger

·         Choose a bench near a busy spot and you can sit and chat with your date as you get to know one another

·         Grab coffee and donuts, maybe sandwiches if it’s lunchtime, eating together is a great way to break the ice

·         If a second date is on the cards, bring a picnic blanket and sit down somewhere beautiful so you can get to know one another in a more relaxed style

The great thing about a park date is that it’s low pressure. There’s no need to dress up so you can meet your prospective partner at their most relaxed and hopefully something beautiful will bloom!

It’s a shame not all romances start in a positive fashion. Look at the ill-fated relationship between Tinder’s co-founders Justin Mateen and Whitney Wolfe Herd!

The couple met during the early days at Tinder when Sean Rad was CEO and the app was a shadow of its current self.

Although the trio seemed to be a match made in heaven professionally, it all went wrong when Mateen and Wolfe Herd’s relationship floundered and he turned nasty.

So when he called Wolfe Herd a “whore” at a work event and sent a barrage of nasty messages to her, what did CEO Rad do?


That’s right! He did zilch! It all came to a head when Wolfe Herd decided to file a lawsuit and the matter was swiftly settled out of court.

Rad was torn apart in the media for his lack of action and later lost his position as CEO. And let’s not forget how Rad also repeatedly embarrassed himself in the media with his weird statements and high opinion of himself.

If only romances could be simple and pleasant – online dating would be like a walk in the park!

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