Polishing a Design for an Event Logo


You talking events, you talking weddings, naming, matriculations, gatherings, graduations, inductions, funerals, and so on. Congratulations to those celebrating the good ones and my deepest condolences to those experiencing the bad ones but, right back to business, Design events (รับออกแบบ งานอีเว้นท์, which is the term in Thai).

So, when planning to design an event, you need to understand that an event entails fashion, which is known for its complex and pulverized system with an ever-changing style that is a constant subject and dilemma to the initiators of this industry. With this in mind, the logo is meant to be attractive and attention-seeking as it can, on its own, be a marketing strategy geared towards garnering attention from your target audience.

In designing an events logo, you are thinking something classy, raging, eye-catching, and most definitely over-the-top because it would convey the company’s capability to match the ever-changing trends in the industry.

Logo designs for events are mostly minimalistic-ally complex designs of images, objects, and symbols related to the name and concept the enterprise wishes to convey (I like and would recommend the use of well-decorated events of previous events to be monogrammed into the initials of the events company).

Tips on how to design an events company logo

Formulate emotions with the use of colors.

Create ideas on what you want the logo to portray through colors, most festive, so no matter the occasion, your target audience can find solace in your combination of colors. Colors that tell stories of hope, love, peace, and any other emotion you want your audience to read.

Fonts and texts

If you intend using texts, make sure the font type is classy and the font size, minimal. You don’t want your logo, jam-packed.

Now, you test your logo with the different channels in which it will appear – such as social media, company’s website, polos, etc. — to make sure it resonates with equal contrasts across the different outlets.