Registering On A Site and the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Process


When registering on some sites such as พุซซี่888, you may notice some have long online forms. Others will take a shorter time to register and if you’re eager to play, you can be happy with a shorter process. But is it the right procedure? Whichever the form, don’t use its length to deny or accept a site; they may have a reason.

Although gambling isn’t regulated by the same body worldwide, there’re some basic requirements you’ll need to meet. This applies to many online businesses. In the process of registration, you may find different long forms to fill. If your process was short, you’ll confirm your KYC during withdrawal.

Knowing your customer process

Depending on the site, the gamblers like a simplified registration process. The sites will, therefore, make it easier for you to register by presenting a short online form. You’ll be required to give the correct names, phone number, and email address. If your site requires you to provide the know-your-customer process, you shouldn’t shy away.

During the know-your-customer process, you’ll be required to provide more details. You’ll be required to provide ID number, the phone number, and correct names according to government records. Others include your photo, confirmation of transactions with your bank, and address.

Background of know-your-customer (KYC)

All casinos online operate under gambling authorities with a license such as pussy888. The gaming authorities require the casinos to provide data of the customers registered on their sites. The rules are used to regularly regulate the functioning of casinos online. The authorities want confirmation of real-human customers and not robots.

For KYC details, the data is protected and is done legally. You can provide the details as required by your favorite site. Sometimes the request only when you’re withdrawing your wins from the site account. Some gamers interpret it as a delay tactic; it’s not true. The site may have allowed you to register with few details to attract you to the site. Online registration elicits emotions especially for gamers who may have been conned before.

The KYC requirement gears to protect the customers. The site is required to submit the number of real customers and the transactions are done. The site will confirm that there’s no involvement in illegal activities such as money-laundering.

Security measures for online casino

To protect any data provided by the client through KYC, the site can take some measures such as SSL encryption. The website encryption protects the data entered by the clients to the site. It’ll, therefore, not be intercepted or hacked.

When you sign to a reputable site such as pussy888, you can be assured of data safety. Your account transactions also should be safe from hackers. You can then play with comfort in a secure site. To confirm on how secure the site is, you can contact the site through their communication channels. The know-your-customer is a requirement but shouldn’t be used to delay your withdrawal. Follow the prompts to complete the registration process and be patient. Some gamers are impatient but you’re better off with waiting for your funds even for a week.

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