The key difference between fundamental and technical analysis

Is it better to use fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or  quantitative analysis to evaluate long-term investments?

Everyone is taking trades with technical analysis. People are so biased about the technical factor that they don’t place any importance on high impact news. To them, the news will follow the technical parameters all the time. But in reality, the technical parameters are a reflection of global economic news. You have to think like the pro investors in Singapore. Only then will you be able to understand the close relationship between technical and fundamental analysis. Read this article very carefully as it could change your life. Even if you are good at trading, spend 3 minutes on this article because you will learn a lot.

News is the leading catalyst

News factors are considered to be the leading catalyst in the Forex market. Those who are skilled at trading and take trades based on news data always trade with confidence. The news is a reflection of the performance of a country’s economy. If you are good at trading you know the importance of leading and lagging indicators. Due to the inaccuracy of the leading indicator, traders fail to make big profits. But consider the news as a leading catalyst and you will be able to change your life dramatically. Things are not as tough as they seem, but you have to learn to take the steps with discipline. Once you become good at analyzing the market dynamics, you will be able to boost the profit and focus on the core dynamics of the market.

Technical factors improve trade accuracy

Taking the trades based on the news has many problems. You won’t be able to make a big profit unless you follow the technical factors of the market. If you ever explore the professional tools in the SaxoTraderPro platform, you will realize the importance of technical tools. By learning to use them properly, you can boost up the profit by improving your trade accuracy. Though it will be a challenging task for many traders, it is the only way in which you can change your life. Think about the complicated trading method that deals with the EAs and bots. All of them are analyzing the technical factor to improve trade accuracy.

Fundamental analysis helps you catch big movement

If you can do fundamental analysis properly, you will be able to catch the big market movement. Things might be tough at the initial stage but it is the only way you can protect your trading capital. Rookies are losing money during the news trading since they don’t know the perfect way to catch the big movement. But if you look at the top traders at Saxo, you will know the importance of news. By focusing on the interest rate change, GDP and average hourly income, you can boost the profit and change your life within a short period of time. Though it will be a complicated task, it is the only way you can secure your capital.

Find a perfect balance

In the last part of this article, we are suggesting you find the perfect balance for the trading method. Things will become hard if you don’t find the perfect balance between using technical and fundamental analysis. Some might still argue that fundamental analysis is not required, but try living your life based on technical analysis. You can be 100% sure that you will soon be taking big losses. Finding the perfect balance between technical and fundamental analysis is not tough. Open a demo account and try to trade like you would in your real account. Soon you will realize trading is not a tough task. Once you start taking trades with discipline, you will learn to take the trades without any problem. Soon, you become a confident trader and will start taking trades like a pro.