USB power plug socket is a saviour:

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For all those people who go to different countries occasionally. And, they always find it difficult to charge their devices. Then, Usb power plug socket [เต้าเสียบ usb, which is the term in Thai] is the device that is made for them. It is also a universal charger. But it comes with a USB socket too. So, a traveller doesn’t need to worry about charging their devices in other countries. Like if someone is carrying an Asian type charger and going to the USA then charging with the same charger is not possible. But with the help of a universal charger, it is possible.

For that, the person needs to plug their Asian type charger in the universal charger. And, then take out the USA type pin from the universal charger. And, then plug it to the power socket. That’s it the device will start charging. Instant solution for the charging problem. The main thing that people should keep in mind is to carry it. Don’t forget to put it in important things to carry list. Also, it doesn’t take a lot of space so, it will be very comfortable.

Use 3 socket plug for the computers

The best way to arrange all those hanging wires behind the computer. And, that is by using the 3 socket plug [เต้าเสียบ เต้ารับ, which is the term in Thai]. There will be three ports in the plug. So, all the wires that come from CPU and monitor can fit in it. After that take out one single wire of that plug. And, then plug it to the power socket. One single wire doesn’t look bad at all.   

Keep the electric devices out of children’s reach

If someone has children int their home. Then, they need to make sure these electric devices are away from them. Because children can easily attract to anything. And, they don’t know about the consequences. So, the parent must keep their children safe.