What You Should Keep In Mind When Choosing Sunglasses

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Acquiring the sunglasses in an optician guarantees that the lenses have the appropriate filters and that the frame is safe for our eyes. Likewise, optical optometrists are professionals trained to advise us on the most suitable sunglasses depending on the activity we are going to carry out or the environment in which we are going to be to avoid Ptosis (หนังตาตก which is the term in Thai).

The Importance of Lenses

The lenses of our sunglasses must filter ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B and infrared radiation. Also, it is essential that they do not alter visual ability and that they do not alter colours.

Considerations In Getting A Lens


It is essential that the frame covers as much of the surface of the face and that it protects the eye as a whole, including the lateral area of ​​the same since solar radiation can filter through the sides and the upper part. This area must also be protected.

The colour of the lens. Is it important?

In this sense, it must be taken into account that the darkest lenses are not always the ones that offer the most excellent protection. In this way, opting for one or the other colour will depend more on our vision and the activity that we are going to carry out than on the intensity of the colouring.

Polarized lenses, yes or no?

These lenses have experienced a boom in a few years now. The reason is that, as a general rule, users feel more comfortable with them and see much better than with conventional sunglasses, since they significantly improve parameters such as sharpness or contrast.

Polarized lenses can reduce reflections and glare, which makes them especially interesting to wear when sailing, driving or skiing since with them the possibility of glare is considerably reduced.

Mirror crystals

The difference between these lenses is merely aesthetic. If they have the right filters, these mirror sunglasses offer protection similar to conventional and polarized sunglasses. Of course, it must be taken into account that mirror lenses are more delicate than normal ones and that they scratch very quickly, which increases the risk that their protection is damaged or cancelled before any small setback.