9 Christmas Giveaways For Family, Friends, And Colleagues During The COVID-19 Pandemic


Celebrating the holidays in the time of lockdowns and face masks gives quite a unique experience. There are families who are spending their Christmas apart. Holiday parties in workspaces are now being held virtually. Though the world’s situation is challenging and truly out of the ordinary, it shouldn’t hinder us from sending our love across to our family, friends, and colleagues. Today, even simply giving custom Christmas ornaments can already go a long way.

In this article, we’re giving you nine ideas for your holiday giveaway this year.

Born During the Pandemic ornament. Even though we’re living in uncertain times, there are still reasons to be grateful — one of which is the gift of life. If someone in your circle welcomed a newborn, this is one of the best custom Christmas ornaments for them.

Bed Family Togetherness during COVID-19 ornament. The gift of family is priceless. Show your family members some love with this one-of-a-kind present that celebrates togetherness amid the COVID-19. This item also comes with customizable cat and dog ornaments.

Biking Couple ornament. Have a couple-friend who got into biking this pandemic? This customizable ornament is apt to celebrate their new hobby. It can be personalized with their names and the current year. This bike-themed piece is also available in designs featuring a solo rider and a group of three, four, or five.

Canceled or Virtual Piano Lessons ornament. Several events were canceled or transformed into virtual ones because of the pandemic. However, custom Christmas ornaments like this are available to serve as a little token or souvenir. This gift item is also available in other designs like canceled/virtual flute, French horn, trumpet, and violin ornaments. There are also sports-related ones, such as canceled soccer, marathon, and gymnastics ornaments.

Christmas House – COVID-19 Can’t Stop Christmas ornament. Send your holiday greetings to other households with this unique ornament. An intricately crafted decoration features a red house, a Christmas tree, and snow elements that can be used as space where you can put the recipient’s family name. It also bears the bold and empowering statement: COVID-19 can’t stop Christmas.

Happy Working at Home Ornament. Like last year, 2021 is also a year of working from home. Even if you won’t have a regular Christmas office party, you can still give gratitude to your colleagues by delivering this awesome WFH-themed ornament to their doorsteps.

Cell Phone Ornament. Missing your best gals? Give them a sweet surprise with this cell phone ornament. Pink in color and sprinkled with glitter, this provides an ample space where you can have your name and the phrase “missing my friends” printed.

Coronavirus Hero – Essential Services ornament. Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate our modern heroes. For family members and friends who offer essential services during the pandemic, this ornament that spells out “HERO” in red, glittery font is a unique way to acknowledge their efforts.

Family Tree During COVID-19 ornament. One of the most recognizable icons of the holiday season is the Christmas tree. This ornament features a snow-covered tree and a smiling snowman on the side. The snow can be printed with all the first names of your immediate family members and relatives — a perfect gift if you have a huge clan.

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