Five reel slots: Here is everything you need to know.


If you are looking for the most popular online video slot games, you should play five reel slots.  The five reel slots are more advanced compared to three reel slots. Understandably, the advancement of technology has also brought even other popular slot reels games. Aside from the five reel slots, you will find six and seven reels, which even come with super features.  Five, six, or seven reel slots will provide you with more sophisticated game mechanics. They will also offer powerful themes. Not to mention, the opportunity of winning big when it comes to their jackpots. That said, what do 5 reel slot machines mean?

You should know that pg slot machines are categorized based on different things. The number of slots they have is one of the things. Therefore five reel slot machines are slot types that feature five reels. What are reels? You should note that reels are the vertical section that will oscillate when you push the wheel spin button. As previously mentioned a slot game can feature three, five or seven reels that will create a particular grid of symbols. When it comes to winning these grids must organize into a predetermined paylines for one to win. You will also find different number of paylines with different games. Even so, many five reel slot games feature 20 paylines. 

What is the reason many online slot players choose five reel slot games.

Many people love to play five reel slot machines games. The first reason is that these games come with exiting open video that are also features tons of animations in the entire game. It makes the playing of the game to be super fascinating. 

Five reels slot machines also come with the opportunity for players to win big. The additional two reels make it lucrative. You will have a higher probability of winning massive jackpot games in five reel slot machines compared to three reel slot machines. 

What are some of the five reel slot winning strategies?

Many people will tell you to play more of the free games. It is an excellent five reel slot winning strategy. Playing it will make you familiarize with the different aspects of the game. However, checking on the RTP rate a game has will be far much better.  The return to player percentage illustrates the percentage of bets returned to the player. Therefore is a game has a RTP of 97 %, it means that it will take an average of 3% as profit. Aside from RTP, an excellent slot winning strategy relies on you paying much attention to maximum and minimum bets.  The latter will make it easier for you’re to make a betting decision. It will also aid in managing your funds. 

In conclusion, five reel slots offer players’ with opportunities to win big. They come with higher RTP compared to three reel slot, and more. One of the strategies of winning big in five reel slots understands the RTP rate on the game you will wager on. You also need to set your maximum and minimum bets.