Medicare Enrollment Periods – All You Need To Know


There are some important dates that you take note of on your calendar. For instance, your wedding anniversary, a grandkid’s birthday, summer holiday, or even an appointment with your doctor. However, there are other crucial events you have to remember as well – such as when to sign up for a Medicare plan. 

The timespan for registering in a Medicare plan is referred to as an enrollment period. Well, you will get a 7-month interval around the month you will be turning 65 to enroll for a Medicare plan. 

In case you miss the correct time to enroll, you may have delayed coverage or pay fines later, which may cost you more. Below are detailed discussions on available enrollment periods.

Initial Enrollment Period

When approaching your 65th birthday is the appropriate time to enroll in a Medicare plan. There is a 7-month interval to register during this time. This can be explained as 3 months before turning 65, through the birthday month, and 3 months after turning 65. At this time frame, you can sign up in Medicare (parts A and B), take a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), or Part D which is an independent Medicare prescription drug plan. 

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment 

In case you want to replace your Original Medicare plan to counter extra costs, it would be best to buy a supplement plan within the 6-month enrollment time frame that begins on the first day of your birthday month. If you are unable to enroll for a Medicare Supplement plan within the Open Enrollment Period, it becomes harder to get a Medicare Supplement plan. 

General Enrollment Period

Certain conditions determine one to enroll for Part A or B between 1st January and 31st March annually. The conditions are; if one did not enroll when they first qualified and when one qualifies for a Special Enrollment Period. Watch out for Humana medicare advantage plans 2022.  Your insurance will commence on 1st July and you might pay fines.

Annual Enrolment Period

This is a period in which you can adjust your insurance and sign up in a Medicare plan annually, from 15th October to & 7th December. If you have original Medicare, you may go to a medicare Advantage Plan, shift from an Advantage Plan with drug insurance to one without, quit or join a Medicare prescription drug plan, or update your insurance by shifting to another plan from your existing insurer or moving to a new one.

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment

This occurs from 1st January to 31st March yearly. Those enrolled in this plan can select to move to either Original Medicare Plan or another Advantage Plan. In both cases, the new coverage commences on the 1st day of the month after the month the change was made. In this case, you may want to look for the best medicare advantage plans 2022.

Special Enrollment Period

The following situations allow you to join, change, or quit a Medicare Advantage plan outside the general enrollment periods. When getting out of your plan’s coverage region or losing your ongoing prescription drug or healthcare coverage.