What Is Betting On Soccer Cards


Currently, sports betting is more common than a few years ago. A new trend in betting is betting the yellow and red cards that soccer players receive.

These types of bets tend to be somewhat strange or different. However, the profitability makes most of the average punters practice it more frequently.

Bets on football for warning players are considered special bets; this means that it has no direct relationship with the regular winner of the game, nor with the upper / lower markets.

Football card bets refer to the amount of cards that could be shown to players during a match.

In general, you can use your free bets to bet on the number of reprimands (yellow cards), expulsions (red cards) Combined reprimands, and expulsions (red and yellow cards). Something very similar to the goals scored during the game.

The punters can predict by more / less that there will be 2.5 cards displayed during the game (for example).

There are other ways to bet on the number of cards shown, both in total per team and individually, but plus / minus 2.5 is the most common method. Of course, it is up to the bettor on how to predict the number of cards shown during a match.

Bet On The Red Card

This bet is given when the punters predict the number of red cards that will be shown during the match, whether they are the two teams or one in particular.

The number of red cards includes expulsions for “double yellow card,” that is, a player who is expelled after receiving two reprimands.

Bet On The Yellow Card

The yellow card bets are predicted to the number of players who receive a warning during a match, either to the two teams together or to only one of them.

The total yellow cards shown include those occasions when a player receives two cards for two individual reprimands and is subsequently ejected, although some sports betting books count this as a single red card and a single yellow card.