Things you can do to increase your chances of getting admission in a good college:

Part 3 — Applying to College? Ask These Questions to Increase Your Chances  of a Successful Experience

Every student wants to pass out from a renowned institution. This will not only reflect well on their portfolio but also help them to have several other opportunities. Students who are from a prestigious college stand a high chance of getting a job in comparison to others. There is fierce competition in every field your kids want to make a career in. Therefore, it is mandatory to plan out things from now on if you want your child to do well in his or her life. The primary thing that parents should consider is to encourage kids to try various other things out. These things might include theatre, writing, performing, stand-up comedy, etc. This will let your child know if he is also interested in other things. Learning these skills will also make their portfolio standout.

Get your kid to learn other languages so they can benefit later:

The best thing that you can do is to get your child enrolled in a language tuition class. Schools nowadays hand out admissions easily if a child knows more than one language at a proficient level. Therefore, Chinese teaching for kids [สอน ภาษา จีน เด็ก, which is the term in Thai] is highly important in this time. Chinese is considered the hardest language to master. If your child can become fluent in it, then this would be a skill that only a very few number of students possess, in spite of being it the most important.

Every child is different, try to understand yours:

The common mistake that parents make is to see all children as they are all same. It is crucial to understand that every child is different in his or her own way. Therefore, you should appreciate them for their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses. Have a casual conversation them so you can guide them on the basis of their strengths.