The biggest restraint in spreading technology to all strata of society:

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The modern age is the age of information and technology. Everything that you see around you, every sector is practically running on the modern IT technology. However, the biggest restraint in the spread of technology has been its cost. That is to say all the new technologies that can help common people are basically very expensive and usually cannot be afforded by common people. This particular phenomenon has made the local businesses and small scale industries suffer. Big technology developing companies are now concentrating on providing quality services and technology to small scale firms and businesses.

The most prominent and affordable server system – Single socket servers:

One of the most prominent example of recent times where technology has been made available at a lower cost is the single socket server system. You see normally big corporations and industries prefer multi core server systems as the work load is very high. These servers serve two purposes. Firstly, the servers help connect different machines with internet. And secondly, these servers help the machines store data and information on the cloud.  Now the multi-core systems are relatively expensive and are not needed on small business setups. Thus the single socket server systems which operate on a single core around motherboard came into the market. These systems are cheaper and require less cooling requirements. But by no means are these systems less efficient. Rather it can be seen as a more cost effective solution towards providing quality servers to small scale industries and businesses.

Get to know where you can get a single core server system in Thailand:

The best available single-core server system available currently is the new Dell PowerEdge R7515 which is considered to be the most advanced of its kind. The customers have a really given it good reviews which you can check yourself by visiting their website.

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